IT Programme and Project Management

Do you need a project delivered? Do you need help with crafting a detailed project plan? Our experienced team will define a plan, monitor and deliver your project through all its phases. We can also oversee project managers to ensure overall programme delivery.

Business Analysis

Whether you require a BA to handhold throughout a project’s SDLC, or you simply need help with crafting business requirements documents or business cases, or your business processes to be improved and/or documented, we will provide you with Business Analysts who regard themselves as change agents and are able to hit the ground running.

Solution design, development and testing

Kaizen Organisation has a mature team of tech savvy developers proficient in many different languages and experienced system testers who are passionate trouble shooters, quality conscious and proficient in testing methodologies .

POPI & GDPR Compliance

If you need to become POPI or GDPR compliant but you are not sure how to go about this, we have a number of trained consultants who can assist you with this. Kaizen Organisation has a strategic relationship with a leading firm who has a POPI/GDPR product that is easy to implement to ensure that you become and stay POPI and or GDPR compliant.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing drives quality because an outsourced partner is only ever as good as the last gig. If you don’t like the delivery, you simply don’t re-contract. There is no better incentive to deliver.

Outsourcing drives costs down – permanent employees or “permanent contractors” don’t have the incentive to close out your delivery, quite the opposite – they look to extend their contract by any means possible.

Outsourced solutions are delivered in quicker time. Deliverables are typically managed tightly by your outsourced partners and are not left to linger in internal inefficiencies.

What you can expect from our consulting team?

You can always expect a dedicated, professional team, who are subject matter experts of the client’s industry. We will ensure that we add value to your company by “making improvements”.

How do we contract?

We contract for a clear set of deliverables. We ensure that we fully understand the client’s needs before we agree on a contract scope and price. In this way we ensure that we have a robust measure of success at the end of a project / deliverable.

How do we charge?

We charge on…

a) Time and materials as per a standard rate card
b) On a fixed price for delivery basis